The year 2007 saw a paradox of  two revolutionary milestones in d journey of Indian cricket. It was a truly remarkable paradox of two entirely different, exactly opposite situations:

1. Team India was considered one of the favourites among fans, experts as well as bookies ,to lift the ODI World Cup 2007.. But was brutally defeated by Bangladesh in the First round itself.. More than a billion hearts broke, it was a national tragedy inviting people’s rage and consequently drastic changes in Indian Cricket…

2. In the same year, T20 World Cup made its debut which changed the scenario of international cricket.. India participated with an almost fresh and young team sans seniors.. The odds were totally against India owing to the ODI WC defeat and absence of “heavyweights”.. But then lo and behold India emerged as dark horses, the underdogs with heart throbbing victory…!!

What exactly happened between these anticlimaxes? The answer is captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni happened. His captaincy has worked wonders for the team, some say its luck, some call it outstanding vision.. Indian cricket achieved almost everything that all of us “fan”atics  dreamt of..                 T20 World cup victory, Numero Uno in test rankings, also in ODIs although for a short period, multiple Indian players in top 10s, record breaking winning streaks in both tests and ODIs, historical series wins outside as well as inside the subcontinent, and of course the Indian Premier League, the platform and launchpad of budding Indian players as well as showcasing worldwide talent…

And now the ultimate cricketing extravaganza, or putting it in a desi way: the Maha Kumbh Mela of cricket has arrived hosted by the Indian sub-continent itself!!  

This time the Men in Blue are performing clinical as a team as well as individuals. Especially the batting department has impact players who can single-handedly win matches. The God Himself, with his n0. 10 jersey, the 10/10 batsmen, Sachin Tendulkar (ya we can say 10dulkar) with his mere presence can give any bowler night mares! Sehwag, without exaggeration, according to experts the best ODI opener at present with a mind-boggling career strike rate of 103.69 can tear the opposition to pieces. Virat Kohli, the second highest run getter in ODI’s in 2010, has a killer consistency and adapts to situation. Gambhir, Raina, Yuvi the fantastic southpaws can handle any type of pressure. Yusuf Pathan the stalwart warrior has the ability to change the extreme situations into India’s favour.

The bowling has cool contenders like Zaheer and Bhajji anchoring the attack with great experience and accuracy. Munaf has been in form recently and Ashwin has impressed with his awesome variations in every delivery and is very economical. Piyush Chawla, although a gamble by selection committee has clicked in practice matches. Sreesanth could be lethal if he gets his peak rhythm and Nehra can give quick breakthroughs and has performed well in world cup matches. Yuvraj is also a good option for breaking partnerships and quick economical overs. The fielding also has improved with a spark added by Raina, Kohli and Yuvi.

As a whole the team is quite confident and the practice match wins over Aussies and Kiwis along with the opening match victory(vengeance) against Bangladesh has made our spirits soar high. 

Of course competition is going to be tough with teams like South Africa, Aus, England, Sri Lanka… But that is going to make this tournament more interesting and each victory fabulous.

The >billion fans globally are religiously carrying the hope of history repeating after Kapil Dev’s team brought the darling trophy home.. There are huge chances of the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2011 to be painted BLUE.. so my fellow ‘fan’atics                       BLEED BLUE..!!!!!>>>>>>

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15 Responses to ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2011….BLEED BLUE….>>>>>>

  1. jignesh rathod says:

    YES, India will win this worldcup (just remove shreesanth from team)

  2. u rock man what a profile photos and memorys u added i like it

  3. SANTANU says:

    Jai Ho………..
    INDIA will WIN the WORLD CUP……………………

  4. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Hum Bharath wasi hai aur humko Team India pe Pura barosa hai ke hum he jitenge world cup chakkkkkkkk de India…..ur the best….

  5. Amit chavare says:

    india win world cup 2011…its a proud moment for india
    congratulations to sachin Tendulkar who acheived his dream

  6. avinash says:

    proud to say indian.

  7. gayathri says:

    i’am so happy .i’proud to say I’AM INDIAN

  8. K . Bharath Ratna says:

    i’am so happy .i’proud to say I’AM INDIAN

  9. sagar says:

    wonderful INDIA is the GREAT . Sachin is God of cricket. I LOVE SACHIN.

  10. hema says:

    ya..Indian team will be always rocking..!

  11. ritvik says:

    i am rough and tough but that doesn’t really matter all that matters is i am an indian.

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