My destiny is to dream
Dream of who I want to be
My destiny is to live the way I want to
Live in independent freedom..

There are many interpretations of happiness, varying from person to person. But the idea of happiness, in some way or the other leads to the idea of freedom. A child generally dreams to be an astronaut, sportsperson, musician, actor etc. But as he/she grows up, the stark reality of society. Very few are fortunate to live their childhood dreams. As we grow up, we gradually realize that what we are supposed to do or should do dominates what we want to do…

Now regarding the title, the stockholm syndrome is an extraordinary phenomenon in which a hostage begins to identify with and grow sympathetic to their captor. Named for an episode that occurred in Stockholm in August, 1973 when an armed Swedish robber took some bank workers captive, held them for six days and stole their hearts.

There was a topic in the essay writing round for admission in XLRI, Jamshedpur with the following topic:
“By the 3rd or 4th week of the term, the business school had succeeded in afflicting me with a variation of the Stockholm Syndrome.”
This indicates that initially, when this student went to the business school, he might have felt like a captive. Top business schools take a lot out of a student from the very beginning. Hundreds of case studies, numerous assignments, frequent assessments and exams have to be handled by a student and that too within short deadlines. So its natural for the student to be unhappy as his freedom is taken away.
But since we human beings were evolving from apes, we have a tendency of adaptation to the surroundings for survival. So after 3 or 4 weeks of the term, the student developed a liking for the college due to the Stockholm Syndrome.
There are several activities going on in a college and a student comes across different types of people. This creates a bonding between the student and the institute. Moreover, he knows that it is this institution that is going to give him a bright future, and college days are among the best days of a person’s life. So a student finds a way to make the most of it.
It is very important to maintain a balance of fun with academic activities and studies. All work and no play is like a laborious job without salary!!
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  1. khushboo says:

    nice one..i hav seen children gng thru wads the conclusion..shud a child go acording to wad parents say or takehis own decision..

    • Oh, parent-child relationship is a different case as such..
      I guess, filtering exceptions, generally a child never feels trapped being around parents.. He/she might not appreciate some rules imposed, but often he/she might not be aware that the rules are 4 their well being..!!

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