TELE-TERROR: From Mango People To Finance Minister!!

TELE-TERROR: From Mango People To Finance Minister!!

It is said that a good salesman is him who can sell sand in a desert!

But Hello!! Aren’t those people fools who would buy it? The telemarketers should be well aware of the fact that people nowadays aren’t stupid to buy whatever they sell by repetitive promotional attacks.

The mango people (yup, aam aadmi), however, can console themselves that they are not the only ones to suffer the chaos.
One of the richest industrialists of India, builder of a residential skyscraper got an offer from telemarketers for a humble home loan!!
Even our honorary Finance Minister, when debating with opposition leaders got such unexpected call and he had to say “Not now, I am in a meeting!” And guess what, the  call was from a finance firm which asked if he needed cash to buy a house!

TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is gearing up to shield customers’ privacy against unwanted commercial calls. It has come with an innovative idea to replace a phone users’ “Do not call” registry with a smarter “Do Call” platform. This means that any “spam” caller would need the phone user’s permission to call him/her.
Americans are also planning to develop “Do Not Track” directory to stop the online violation of privacy.Similarly, a “Do Not Knock” list would deter door-bangers like electioners, product peddlers and fund-raisers.
Consumers being the Kings(ok Queens too) of any market, they are the last ones marketers should want to irritate.

Most of the timing their timing is like terror. While taking a sweet afternoon nap, while in theatre, during exams
and worst of all when we are expecting an  ‘important’ call..!!

They just try to create demand for junk like weird jokes,alerts,lucky draws and ya.. honeymoon packages without even knowing the profile of the person whom they call!! Well its obvious that it is their business to promote their product. But this can be done in a consumer friendly way. The “Do Call” platform seems to be a good initiative to meet the situation. If a customer is interested in a product, he can himself approach the sources and give permission for that product.

In a nutshell, it should be a “We want, you give” situation and not “You keep giving and we keep sulking” scenario!!

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