Showlympics London 2012 vs (Un)Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

Rolling Stones or the Beatles?? Well the topic of discussion in England just now is which of these bands would perform in the opening ceremony of London Olympics 2012, and that too when there are 2 years to kickoff!! On the contrary, when there are just a few weeks left for the Delhi Commonwealth Games, we are still plugging leaks, fixing collapses and uncertain about meeting the deadlines!!

National Tourism Agency of UK has already released guidelines for taxi-drivers, hoteliers, guides etc. and even citizens on how to treat the tourists. They are also told to take specific care like not to confuse Canadians with Americans, not to hug Indians (due to “culture”) etc. London is enjoying the fun aspects of preparations while Delhi’s situation is like preparing for an exam!

Almost everyday, fresh controversies are arising about the phantom contractors and (un)common wealth in the preparations of CWG! Would we wait till the 12th hour to get our answers?? When asked, our sports minister M.S.Gill told to fill a Right to Information application! Who would be satisfied? Every update, decisions, tenders etc. should be available online.

Well nothing is “common” when it comes to Indian administration! But there are solutions:

Deal with the corruption head on, after all its a question of national pride. Public faith should be renewed. Experts should be consulted; put the best talent and experience on wheels.

Publicity and marketing should be accelerated to full flow. We already have world champs Saina Nehwal, Vijender Singh and Abhinav Bindra as brand ambassadors of CWG 2010, so flaunt them and launch attractive campaigns. Sell merchandise, plan media management, let the theme song by A.R. Rehman be a rage everywhere like Waka Waka did! Let Shera-the mascot be people’s darling all over the world. Spread the dynamic enthusiasm everywhere!

Let’s make this Commonwealth Games uncommon, but in a truly positive way! JAI HIND!

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6 Responses to Showlympics London 2012 vs (Un)Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

  1. pratik says:

    good one

  2. Rahul says:

    1.”Nothing is common about indian administration”
    i would like to add that corruption is common in the indian administration.
    2. A. R. Rahman – the song is still not ready as per the media reports as on 16.8.10. And again as per the media reports he took some 4 crores. Well i personally feel when it comes to national pride money should not come in between.

  3. jignesh says:

    they all organize such events to give boost to their economy, but this bloody indian politicians wants to organize CWG to fill up their pockets

  4. tejas says:

    And our last hope-the CWG theme song also seems like not to be that much good. I think
    Rehman could do it much more better than this

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