The Bull, Dhoti, Honey Bee and Income Tax!!

The Bull, Dhoti, Honey Bee and Income Tax!!

First of all, I would like to answer the curiosity of the readers about the mind-boggling title and then about the photo of Aamir and Akshay!

As you people know(hopefully!!) that the Income Tax Department of India has completed 150 years of its “service” on 24th July,2010. So to celebrate this milestone, the IT department has launched an artistic campaign for its image make over in the minds of people!

This campaign included some symbolically loaded paintings like a bull representing growth driven by a taxman in a humble dhoti and bees collecting honey for the greater good of community!

A person who has got a hammer in his hands, looks upon everything as a nail !!”       Such is the impression of the income tax collectors among the people of our country! People consider the taxmen as the people who have got the power to burn holes in their pockets and are always on the beat for that..

The occasion of the 150th anniversary of the honorary IT department  might not be appealing to many people. But the IT people have given it a shot to justify themselves by participating in artistic campaign including art exhibitions, having drawings, sculptures, paintings etc.

The Ministry of Finance, Government of India, has roped in actors Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar, the highest tax payers in Bollywood, along with Priyanka Chopra for the documentary produced by the Income Tax Department. It’s purpose is to spread the message of tax compliance.

Well, a whopping Rs.3,80,000 crore was collected by the IT dept. last year. Its a major source of income for the government and people should understand that the government’s expenditure largely depends on its revenue. Often, the hype and the sulk towards IT is exaggerated and baseless..

Now along with image make over, there should also be reforms like lower, friendly taxes, simpler rules, less legal procedures etc. That would make the image make overmore obvious!

Jai Hind!

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3 Responses to The Bull, Dhoti, Honey Bee and Income Tax!!

  1. Ankit Tanna says:

    hmm…. simple way to give contribution to tax is while refueling your vehicles. Take a bill from them always cause it gives 3 Rs per 100 Rs as tax to Indian govt. I dont know where the money goes after that.

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